Our reaction to the Corona exit measures in Germany

After the last few weeks under the shadow of the Corona pandemic, we are all now breathing a little easier and taking the first cautious steps towards “normality”. In order to ensure maximum safety when visiting our study centres in this sensitive phase, we are adhering to our internal standards and protective measures. The safety of our patients and employees is our top priority!

1. We ask all persons, whether patient or supplier, to wear mouth and nose protection when entering our centres.

2.We will continue to actively reduce the risk for patients and our staff in the study operations by taking clear measures. Patients will be contacted prior to each visit and, if symptoms are appropriate, referred to their family doctor and the visit will be postponed. Each patient’s temperature is taken before entering the centre and in case of fever, patients are asked to contact their family doctor directly and to leave the centre.

3. We continue to conduct studies in accordance with GCP. In addition to onsite visits, we also check with our sponsors on a case-by-case basis whether remote monitoring and other forms of visiting should be used.

Together with our clients, we have developed and implemented solutions to meet the challenge of the corona pandemic. Now, with the appropriate caution and sensitivity, we want to ensure the corona exit in the study operation. If we can make a contribution in any way for you as a client, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We thank you for your understanding and for your trust. Stay healthy!

Dr. Ole Dammann, Bernhard Dodell (CEOs)



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More than 20 years’ Experience in the Field of Clinical Research

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