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Excellence in clinical research

The Klinische Forschung Gruppe Nord (Clinical Research Group North) is a network of clinical research institutes with seven centres in Germany. Established in 1995 with the aim of responsibly providing studies for patients, doctors and the pharmaceutical research industry alike, a network with a catchment area of approximately 12 million inhabitants has evolved from the Klinische Forschung Hamburg.

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1 Permanent Access to patients
6 sites in north-east Germany, covering more than 12 million inhabitants, more than 40,000 subjects in our data base.
2 More than 620 conducted clinical trials
More than 20 years experience in clinical trials, more than 620 conducted clinical trials.
3 20 years experience
20 years experience in clinical trials. SOPs regulate all processes and responsibilities. Almost 100 sponsor audits and inspections by regular authorities including 3 FDA-audits passed successfully.
4 Professional staff
About 100 people highly experienced and qualified investigational staff, PIs with experience in all major therapeutic areas, study coordinators and quality assurance, experienced project and process management team.
5 More than 85 partners trust us
Currently 85 partners from pharmaceutical industry and 33 contract research organizations.
6 More than 65 indications
Experience in more than 65 indications.
7 Excellence in clinical research
Employees at the trial sites are trained to implement and document clinical therapy studies and focus solely on the implementation of clinical studies on a full-time basis.

What can we do for you?

Are you planning a study, feasibility or need assistance in an ongoing study?

Call us:
+ 49 (40) 460 763 50

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*0,14 Euro / minute including VAT from a German landline. Mobile telephone maximum price: 0,42 Euro / minute including VAT

Study centers

sites covering more than 12 million inhabitants


Klinische Forschung Management & Services

Klinische Forschung Management & Services provides centralized services for sponsors as well as the in-house sites in Hamburg, Berlin, Schwerin, Hannover and Dresden.

Klinische Forschung Hamburg

The area covered by the center encompasses the entire city of Hamburg and its surroundings, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Klinische Forschung Schwerin

Catchment area is the entire county of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the south-east of Schleswig-Holstein.

Klinische Forschung Hannover

Catchment area is greater Hannover

Klinische Forschung Karlsruhe

Catchment area is Karlsruhe and neighboring regions.

Klinische Forschung Berlin-Mitte

Catchment area is Berlin and the Berlin Brandenburg region.

Klinische Forschung Dresden

In addition to Dresden, the study center covers the entire area of eastern Saxony, the region of Sächsische Schweiz - Osterzgebirge, Chemnitz, central Saxony and the Ezgebirgskreis district.